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Estate, Trust and Gift

holding house representing home ownership and the Real Estate business

Vallit works closely with clients’ attorneys and accountants to prepare business appraisals in accordance with the regulations of the IRS and other issues surrounding the valuation of businesses.

Our estate, trust and gift valuation services include:

  • General Partnership Interests
  • Limited Partnership Interests
  • Limited Liability Company Interests
  • Private Equity Funds
  • S-Corp Interests

Additional Services

Vallit Advisors is experienced in many different industries, sizes of businesses and stages of a company’s life cycle. Our team evaluates many factors that affect a business, and we prepare reports in accordance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). These reports have been used to buy or sell a company, meet SEC or ERISA reporting requirements, and price employee stock options.

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