Managing Member Mark Norris and Analyst Malone Mislak Present at American University

Mark Norris, Managing Member and Malone Mislak, Analyst made a presentation to an undergraduate/graduate class at American University on Tuesday, November 30, 2021. Professor Octavian Ionici from Kogod School of Business invited Norris and Mislak to review an actual business valuation with his class, Private Company Valuation. The course explores the process to establish a value for an entire or partial interest in a private company when deciding the price to pay or to receive in a variety of situations. It covers situations when a venture capitalist or private equity investor considers an investment in a start-up or an early-stage company, when the entrepreneur is seeking capital or for buy-sell agreements, exit planning, fairness opinion, corporate restructuring, or mergers and acquisitions. The material reviewed with the class involved the valuation of a restaurant. Mislak shared many of the technical aspects involved in valuing the restaurant, including the impact of COVID. Mislak, who is pursuing a graduate degree in finance, also discussed how he has been able to apply what he has learned in his classes to actual business valuations. Norris was able to share numerous examples of the impact different assumptions have on the concluded value, real-life examples of valuing different types of businesses and “war stories” involving business valuations performed for the purpose of litigation. Both Norris and Mislak were honored to have this opportunity to share with the Private Company Valuation class students.

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