About Vallit Advisors

Attorneys Count On Our Experts.

Leading experts in dispute advisory, business valuation and forensic accounting.

Vallit Advisors began as a thought in our founders’ minds: If dispute consulting, business valuation, transaction advisory services, and forensic accounting are primarily offered as ancillary products of an accounting firm, how are these essential services receiving the time, focus and dedication they deserve? The answer was, they weren't!

Vallit, a play on the words Valuation and Litigation, was created to fill this void. As a premier stand-alone dispute consulting, business valuation, transaction advisory services, and forensic accounting firm, Vallit is able to provide clients, and their counsel, objective and unbiased advice and services that exceed their needs.

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Backed By Passionate, Seasoned and Highly Credentialed Professionals

The team at Vallit is intentionally hand-selected to include current and rising stars in the dispute consulting, business valuation, transaction advisory services, and forensic accounting. With over 100 years of combined experience, our leadership team is able to provide expert analysis and opinions to help clients and their attorneys navigate through the most complex challenges.

The team at Vallit has developed complex damage and valuation models that provide the basis for credible and well-supported opinions. As a result, Vallit is able to provide sophisticated analysis with efficiency and efficacy that enables attorneys, clients and triers of fact to make informed and supported decisions. Members of Vallit have testified hundreds of times in federal, state, and international courts as well as arbitrations, assisting clients and counsel in various dispute-related matters.

Presenting Sound, Supported, Objective Opinions

From shareholder and domestic disputes to complex damage and forensic consulting engagements, Vallit's accredited professionals are able to provide sound, experienced and unbiased advice to navigate any situation. The sole focus of our firm is dispute advisory, business valuation and forensic accounting. In every client interaction, our team looks for ways to go the extra mile to not only give you financial transparency, but also to provide expert perspectives that shine a light on the financial impact of a decision or outcome. When the stakes are high, trust the experts at Vallit to guide you.

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Providing Exceptional Service

Not only are we seeking to create a team of the best and the brightest, we also intentionally engage team members who are ready to provide unparalleled service and deliverables. We are passionate about finding the truth in the numbers to provide our clients with the most sound advice, opinion or solution. Our team goes above and beyond for our clients, utilizing our vast experience, developed over decades. We leverage this experience to provide guidance and support about how our work will fit into the larger landscape of your case or business challenge.

National & International Work

While our headquarters are in the Maryland region, we have performed assignments all over the globe working with national and international law firms and their clients. Our professionals work from our offices in Annapolis, Washington D.C. and Timonium/Baltimore. Our technology allows us to work seamlessly anywhere in the world to provide best of class dispute, valuation and forensic accounting services.