Vallit is a leader in dispute consulting, business valuation, transaction advisory services, and forensic accounting for law firms, corporate counsel, governmental agencies, public and private entities and individuals.

The Changing Landscape of Dispute Consulting, Business Valuation, Transaction Advisory Services & Forensic Accounting Due To COVID-19

Our goal is to provide you and/or your clients with up to date resources that will help you make an informed decision. While we do not have all the answers to the COVID-19 pandemic yet, we are actively learning and researching answers to provide you with the best and most up-to-date content possible.

As such, we have compiled a list of resources, we have recorded videos and provided our own insights into this unique situation. Click below to learn more about the impacts of COVID-19 on legal focuses such as Bankruptcy, Business Valuation, Estate Planning, Business Interruption, Forensic Accounting/Fraud, Breach Of Contract, Real Estate, and Court Cases & Reporting.

Careers at Vallit

Vallit Advisors is an industry-leading company with a fast-paced environment, competitive benefits, and numerous opportunities to advance and learn alongside top valuation experts. We offer a unique commitment to our clients and our colleagues as well as the betterment of the FVS industry. We achieve this through the dedication to our firm’s four core values of quality, integrity, independence, and accessibility.

We provide only the utmost independent quality services to our clients and partners and pride our work on the thoroughness, planning, and professionalism that goes into it.

Business valuation and forensic accounting are about getting to the truth. Our ethics of honesty drive our work as we navigate the business valuation, dispute advisory, and forensic accounting industries. We adhere and abide by the numerous professional standard and code of ethics in our industry.  

Our advisors have the freedom and flexibility to grow within their fields, maintain a hybrid work schedule, and work alongside our partners and colleagues as they build their own reputation as industry leaders.

From family law, to estate planning, to dispute resolution, we believe attorneys across the legal spectrum deserve the focus and dedication of an advisor. Our members an staff are experts in a wide range of legal and accounting matters, which makes us an accessible partner for attorneys and their clients.

Interested in applying for a position at Vallit Advisors, but not seeing a job posting that applies to you? Do not hesitate to reach out to our team to discuss potential employment opportunities that expand beyond our current listings.


Learn About The Impact Through Webinars

Vallit Advisors hosted an eight-part webinar series in partnership with The Anne Arundel Bar Association, The Baltimore County Bar Association, The Bar Association of Baltimore City, The Bar Association of Montgomery County, The Howard County Bar Association and The Bar Association of Montgomery County.

Each webinar focused on the impact that COVID-19 has had or will have on various legal practice areas. If you missed the webinar series, please click here to view past webinars.

Our Services

Providing a Clear View of The Financial Picture

Vallit is focused solely on dispute consulting, business valuation, transaction advisory services, and forensic accounting. Our senior team members have testified over 300 times in Federal, State and International courts. Our dispute expertise ranges from family law to complex commercial and intellectual property matters in a wide variety of industries. In non-disputes, our valuation reports are relied on by estate and trust attorneys, auditors, and business decision makers for tax, financial reporting and transaction purposes.

About The Firm

Vallit is a national firm specializing in dispute consulting, business valuation, transaction advisory services, and forensic accounting. Vallit has an extensive and diverse background in finance, accounting, litigation services, capital transactions and valuation theory in order to provide the best services for our clients in different industries.

Vallit’s managing members have over 100 years of dispute, valuation and forensic experience and have been qualified to serve as consultants and/or experts in both federal and state courts.

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