Contract Disputes

Vallit provides expert witness and expert consulting services for contract-related disputes.  Two of the most common measures of damages for breach of contract include lost profits and lost value.  Vallit has experience in nearly every industry relating to breach of contract cases and also has experience working with other industry experts to provide sound, credible reports.  Sometimes the breached contract provides a bona-fide remedy for damages and Vallit has extensive experience in reading and understanding contract remedies.

Our team members have testified numerous times in contract-related cases in both federal and state courts.  We frequently assist counsel during the discovery process to help gather the necessary documentation whether it be helping craft interrogatory questions or document request lists.  In addition, we have extensive experience in assisting counsel through depositions including putting together questions list for witnesses and attending deposition to share our thoughts on the witness being deposed.  Every case has its unusual issues, but with our extensive experience, we have likely seen every issue and quark that may arise in these types of cases.

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Determination of Lost Profits

Lost-profits is a common damage remedy for contract-related matters.  Lost-profits is often the damage remedy for breach of contract cases.  While the concept of lost profits is simple (revenue less avoidable costs for the but-for and actual scenarios), this is often times not performed correctly because many experts do not fit the lost profits methodology with the facts of the case.  Vallit has extensive experience in diving in the “nitty-gritty” details of the documents in discovery and crafting a credible lost profits opinion that fits the fact pattern of the litigation.

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businessman signing a document in a contract dispute case

Determination of Lost Value

The concept of lost-value is that a particular company is permanently impaired due to the alleged actions of some other party.  The impaired party from the breach of contract must be able to show that its loss was permanent.  Determining the value before and after the damaging event can be challenging depending on what documentation exists.  Vallit has extensive experience in providing affirmative and rebuttal opinions in contract-related loss in value claims.  In addition, Vallit is able to assist counsel in determining the damage period and whether or not lost value is valid in a particular case.

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Providing a Clear View of The Financial Picture

Vallit is focused solely on dispute consulting, business valuation and forensic accounting. Our senior team members have testified over 200 times in Federal, State and International courts. Our dispute expertise ranges from family law to complex commercial and intellectual property matters in a wide variety of industries. In non-disputes, our valuation reports are relied on by estate and trust attorneys, auditors, and business decision makers for tax, financial reporting and transaction purposes.

National & International Work

While our headquarters are in the Maryland region, we have performed assignments all over the globe working with national and international law firms and their clients. Our professionals work from our offices in Annapolis, Washington D.C. and Timonium/Baltimore. Our technology allows us to work seamlessly anywhere in the world to provide best of class dispute, valuation and forensic accounting services.