Financial Reporting

Vallit provides valuation services for financial reporting purposes to assist management and their auditors in complying with fair value reporting standards. Management is responsible for presenting their financial statements accurately and fairly to all stakeholders. This includes measuring certain assets and liabilities at fair value in circumstances such as, allocating the purchase price of a newly acquired business; testing of assets such as goodwill for impairment; or disclosing compensation expense for equity-based compensation plans.

Vallit assists management in providing reliable valuations to perform these fair value measurements. Vallit’s appraisers apply standard valuation approaches and methodologies to arrive at credible opinions of value. Alternatively, Vallit works with auditors to review valuations provided by management or other independent valuation firms.

Vallit performs appraisals of business enterprises, business ownership interests, complex securities, and intangible assets. Certain aspects of these valuations can be complex, and management does not always have internal resources with the expertise to perform such services. Complex capital structures may require accurate waterfall analysis performed to determine how various investment rounds impact ownership. Forecasts may require Monte Carlo simulations performed to determine the impact of risk and uncertainty on the likely outcomes of numerous scenarios. The Vallit team has over 100 years of combined experience performing these services.

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Our Services

Providing a Clear View of The Financial Picture

Vallit is focused solely on dispute consulting, business valuation and forensic accounting. Our senior team members have testified over 200 times in Federal, State and International courts. Our dispute expertise ranges from family law to complex commercial and intellectual property matters in a wide variety of industries. In non-disputes, our valuation reports are relied on by estate and trust attorneys, auditors, and business decision makers for tax, financial reporting and transaction purposes.

National & International Work

While our headquarters are in the Maryland region, we have performed assignments all over the globe working with national and international law firms and their clients. Our professionals work from our offices in Annapolis, Washington D.C. and Timonium/Baltimore. Our technology allows us to work seamlessly anywhere in the world to provide best of class dispute, valuation and forensic accounting services.