Learn About The Impact Of COVID Through Webinars

Vallit Advisors hosted an eight-part webinar series in partnership with The Anne Arundel Bar Association, The Baltimore County Bar Association, The Bar Association of Baltimore City, The Bar Association of Montgomery County, The Howard County Bar Association and Prince George’s County Bar Association

Recordings of each webinar are placed on this page.


The information contained in this presentation is only intended for general purposes. It is designed to provide authoritative and accurate information about the subject covered.  It is provided with the understanding that the presenters have not been engaged to render legal, accounting, or other professional service or advice.  If legal or other expert advice is required, the services of an appropriate professional person should be sought. The material may not be applicable or suitable for the reader’s specific needs or circumstances.  Any information or opinions provided by the panelists should not be relied upon and interpreted as being applicable to all cases/matters as each case/matter has its own specific facts and circumstances that may render different opinions or conclusions. Readers/viewers may not use this information as a substitute for consultation with qualified professionals in the subject matter presented here. Although information contained in this presentation has been carefully compiled from sources believed to be reliable, the accuracy of the information is not guaranteed.  It is neither intended nor should it be construed as either legal, accounting, and/or tax advice, nor as an opinion provided by Vallit Advisors or the panelists and their respective firms.

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Topics which may be discussed are:

  • COVID-19 Aftermath: Shutdowns and Business Interruption
  • COVID-19: Financial Difficulties and the Pressures to Commit Fraud
  • Breach of Contracts as a Result of COVID-19
  • COVID-19: Damages and the Disruption of the Construction Industry
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