Rosenthal joins Vallit Advisors as managing member

One of the nation’s most prominent dispute and valuation experts, Christopher Rosenthal, has joined Vallit Advisors, an upstart consulting firm focused solely on dispute, valuation and forensic accounting services, as a managing member in the firm.

Rosenthal was previously a Director at Ellin & Tucker, where he led the accounting firm’s disputes, forensics and valuation services practice. Rosenthal is widely regarded as one of the preeminent dispute and valuation experts in the industry.

“When we set out to start this firm last year, we made it clear that our intentions were to better serve the market by creating a team of the industry’s leading experts. Chris Rosenthal is not only perhaps the top “go-to” financial expert in the region, but also may be the last guy you want to be working against in litigation.” said Mark Norris, cofounder of Vallit Advisors. “So, we’re very excited to have him on our team.”

Vallit Advisors was formed by Mark Norris and Charles Rains late in 2018. The managing members described an ambitious plan to grow the firm through focusing solely on dispute, valuation and forensic accounting services and adding other leading experts and professional staff. The firm has offices in Baltimore, Washington D.C., Annapolis and Denver.

Rosenthal is a nationally-recognized expert on commercial damages, valuation and forensic accounting. He is well-recognized for his work in the courtroom as an expert witness, having testified in 75 bench or jury trials and having given deposition testimony in over 150 cases. A veteran speaker, Rosenthal has frequently addressed professional conferences on a local, state and national level. His work has been used to establish resources for other experts within the industry. He contributed as an author for Lost Profits Damages: Principles, Methods and Applications, a more than 700-page guide on valuation and is considered a “must-have” within the industry for damage analysts and attorneys.

“Having Chris as a partner is a huge step forward both for our firm as well as attorneys in the area looking for this type of resource,” said Charles Rains, cofounder of Vallit. “We are fortunate to have the opportunity to bring in such great talent. Having worked with Chris in the past, I look forward to working with him once again.”

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Providing a Clear View of The Financial Picture

Vallit is focused solely on dispute consulting, business valuation and forensic accounting. Our senior team members have testified over 200 times in Federal, State and International courts. Our dispute expertise ranges from family law to complex commercial and intellectual property matters in a wide variety of industries. In non-disputes, our valuation reports are relied on by estate and trust attorneys, auditors, and business decision makers for tax, financial reporting and transaction purposes.