Vallit’s Nicole Dell Promoted to Senior Forensic Accounting Analyst

The Managing Members at Vallit Advisors are pleased to announce that Nicole B. Dell has been promoted from Forensic Accounting Analyst to Senior Forensic Accounting Analyst.

With Nicole’s new title comes new responsibilities at the firm. These new duties include providing guidance and feedback to newer staff members and interns, communicating the status of cases and progress efficiently with managers and delegating tasks to fellow staff members. Nicole’s new management experience will help her develop the skills needed to execute a job or case effectively throughout its duration and ensure deadlines are met ahead of time.

Regarding her recent promotion, Nicole said, “I couldn’t be more excited to take on this new role at Vallit and continue growth in my career. The promotion I received was not expected and certainly came as a surprise at the end of the year. I am extremely grateful! The managing members and staff members have been a huge help the entire time I have been at Vallit, and have made the transition to this next role very easy. Their guidance and desire for all to succeed has made working for Vallit very rewarding!”

“Promoting Nicole was an easy decision for our Managing Members,” managing member, Chris Rosenthal stated, “Nicole has so much potential in this career and we are thrilled to support her growth in this field. She shows a lot of promise and motivation to succeed.”

“I remember interviewing Nicole for an internship many years ago and was impressed with her passion and enthusiasm for the profession. She has been a pleasure to work with over the years and I look forward to watching her continued growth,” said managing member, Kris Hallengren.

To learn more about Senior Forensic Accounting Analyst Nicole Dell, click here.

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