Vallit Advisors & COVID-19

In light of the rapid evolution of COVID-19, the team at Vallit would like to assure our clients, friends, colleagues and their families that we are actively taking precautions aimed at lessening the spread of COVID-19. Thankfully, because of the integrated technologies utilized by our team, we are able to continue to provide the high-quality service that our clients are accustomed to while protecting their health and safety of them and our team members.

While this current situation can feel overwhelming, please know that the team at Vallit is actively working to ease this stress by keeping your interactions with Vallit up to the same high standard that you expect. We are committed to the health and safety of our clients and the community. We truly appreciate your partnership as the situation continues to unfold and we continue to work hard to assist with your dispute advisory, business valuation and forensic accounting needs.

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Dispute Consulting

Vallit provides expert witness and dispute consulting services in complex financial matters to attorneys and to their clients.

Valuation Services

Vallit offers expert opinions of value of business enterprises, business ownership interests, complex securities and intangible assets.

Forensic Accounting

Vallit provides forensic accounting investigations ranging from small fraud matters to large complex cases in the context of litigation and corporate internal investigations.