Internship Spotlight: Summer Carbaugh

Early in someone’s career, it is more important than ever that they have access to hands-on experience and advice from other professionals. Internships and mentorships during this stage of your career can help shape a young professional’s enthusiasm for the field and set them up for a successful career. 

 At Vallit, we are always looking for driven individuals who are interested in gaining real-world experience and learning more about our field. We take our responsibility to advance their skills and enthusiasm very seriously. Recently Summer Carbaugh, a student at Salisbury University, completed an internship with us where she was able to explore the specialties associated with business valuation, forensic accounting and income analysis. Summer gained a realistic understanding of what day-to-day life is like in this field and was able to team with colleagues from diverse backgrounds with a range of skills to perform research and analysis on various sectors and industries. 

In her testimonial, Summer expressed her appreciation for the staff at Vallit. In her words, “Their un-ending to-do list never seemed to hinder their readiness to answer questions about projects, guide me through expectations, talk about life and give me career advice.” Summer’s internship with Vallit helped further ignite her passion for accounting and especially piqued her interest in forensic accounting. 

Overall, it was great to have Summer as part of the team over the last few months and to watch her grow professionally. We are thankful for her contributions to the projects that she participated in and are glad that she was able to benefit from her time as a member of the Vallit team. 

Interested in a Vallit Advisors Internship?

At Vallit Advisors, we’re always looking for driven and passionate accounting and valuation students to gain experience at our firm. We regularly employ young professionals to complete summer, winter, and year-round internships in business valuation, forensic accounting, and dispute resolution. Our goal is to introduce between two and four interns a year to our practices at Vallit and assist them in their professional growth and development. Our internships are accommodating to class schedules and offer flexible availability for both in-person and virtual work. Learn more about our internship opportunities and get in touch by contacting us here.

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