Brian Broxterman Opens Vallit Advisors’ New Denver Office

Vallit Advisors has opened a new office in Denver, Colorado with one of Colorado’s most prominent business valuation and dispute experts, Brian Broxterman, CFA, ASA, serving as Director. Formerly of Quist Valuation, Broxterman brings substantial valuation expertise related to estate and gift tax planning, commercial disputes and corporate planning.

“Vallit Advisors is a team of highly credentialed, independent business valuation and dispute experts. Our combined experience allows us to meet a range of dispute and valuation needs. Brian’s leadership in Denver will allow us to form partnerships with area attorneys in solving complex valuation problems,” said R. Christopher Rosenthal, CPA/ABV/CFF, ASA, AEP, managing member at Vallit Advisors. 

Broxterman also offers dispute and litigation services, including economic damages and fraud & forensic analyses. The Vallit team will provide expert consultation, insights and testimony to a wide variety of clients and attorneys with complex litigation concerns.

“Whether in the context of estate planning, family law, or corporate litigation, valuation reports are often challenged. When valuation issues are critical, you need an expert who can serve independently and credibly from initial analysis to cross examination. I am excited to join Vallit Advisors and offer our outstanding services to Colorado,” said Broxterman.

The addition of Broxterman at the Denver office is an exciting new step for Vallit Advisors, which formed in late 2018. Vallit is a leader in dispute consulting, business valuation and forensic accounting for law firms, corporate counsel, governmental agencies, public and private entities and individuals.

The team also includes several leading valuation and dispute experts who are based in the Washington, DC and Baltimore, Maryland region. You can learn more about Brian Broxterman and Vallit Advisors, LLC here. You can contact the Denver office here.

Vallit Team

R. Christopher Rosenthal CPA/ABV/CFF, ASA, AEP

Chris Rosenthal has over 30 years of dispute consulting, forensic accounting and business valuation experience. Chris’s practice is focused on dispute consulting and expert witness testimony in a wide variety of complex litigation matters. His clients include law firms, corporate counsel, government agencies, public and private entities and individuals.

Mark W. Norris CPA/ABV, CVA, MAFF, ASA

Mark W. Norris provides dispute consulting services to the legal community including business valuations, expert testimony, economic loss calculations, and consulting on fraud detection and prevention. Additionally, he has significant business valuation experience including healthcare industry appraisals and valuation-related consulting to management teams of regional medical centers.

Charles W. Rains CPA/ABV/CFF, ASA

Charles W. Rains has decades of experience performing business valuation and dispute consulting services, including commercial damage calculations, lost profit analyses, forensic accounting and intellectual property valuations. He has been involved in hundreds of business valuations with total appraised value in the billions of dollars, representing varying industries.

Kristopher R. Hallengren CPA/ABV/CFF, ASA, MSF

Kristopher R. Hallengren is focused on providing business valuation, dispute consulting and forensic services as well as expert testimony in a wide variety of complex litigation matters.

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Providing a Clear View of The Financial Picture

Vallit is focused solely on dispute consulting, business valuation and forensic accounting. Our senior team members have testified over 200 times in Federal, State and International courts. Our dispute expertise ranges from family law to complex commercial and intellectual property matters in a wide variety of industries. In non-disputes, our valuation reports are relied on by estate and trust attorneys, auditors, and business decision makers for tax, financial reporting and transaction purposes.